Better Life Children Services is a non-profit agency licensed by the state of California as a foster family and adoption agency to find safe, culturally sensitive homes for children. We are committed to placing and promoting the growth of children who are not fortune enough to be born into a safe environment. We believe children who are unable to live in a safe loving environment should be given the opportunity to live and be cared for by parents who can find a safe, positive, and appropriate cultural environment. Therefore, children can be helped to achieve their full potential and become adults capable of supporting themselves and of forming loving adult relationships.

The goal of foster care is to reunify children with their birth families if and when those families are able to provide safe and nurturing care. By placing children in Better Life's foster homes birth parents are able to visit with their children in a caring supportive environment. A supportive environment enhances the likelihood of reunification and 60% of the children placed with Better Life are reunified with their birth family.

The goal for foster/adopt is to ensure a smooth transition for our children leaving foster care and moving to adoption when reunification is not an option. Our foster families adopt 33% of our children.

Better Life has been serving families in the Sacramento and surrounding counties since 1991.

Better Life is a member of the Foster Family-based Treatment Association.



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