What is a home study?
A home study is a written report required by California state law for individuals and couples who wish to adopt. Better Life is licensed to provide domestic home studies.

What is a pre-placement home study?
A pre-placement home study is a home study completed before the signing of the adoption placement in an independent adoption.

What's involved in a home study?
• Pre-adoption classes cover adoption and parenting issues prior to the home study;
• Interviews with the prospective adoptive parents;
• Interviews with other family members living in the home; and
• At least one home visit by the Better Life social worker.

How long does it take for a home study to be completed?
A home study takes approximately 6-8 week to complete, although it depends on the speed in which the family collect the supporting documents and the available of the family to meet with the social worker.

What is the purpose of a home study?
An assessment of the prospective adoptive parents life histories, family backgrounds and reasons for wanting to adopt a child and to gather information to ensure that children are placed in safe and stable homes. An adoption home study is an opportunity for families to explore with an experienced adoption worker the lifelong adoption-related issues including the responsibilities of parenting.

How do we get started?
Call Better Life at (916) 641-0661

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