Most Frequently Asked Questions By Prospective Foster Parents

What are the requirements?
• At least 23 years of age or older
• Attend a pre-certification training
• Home safety assessment
• Be fingerprinted & child abuse index cleared
• Obtain a medical clearance & TB test
• CPR & First Aid certified
• Must have transportation
• Have adequate space - two children in one bedroom
• Regular source of income to meet your family's financial obligations
• Additional state requirements

How long does the process take to have a child placed in my home?
It all depends on how soon you can complete all of the requirements, and to the type of child you are open to take in your home. It can happen as quickly as within a few months.

Do I need a job?
No, you need to show that you are able to provide for the financial expenses incurred by you and your current family.

As a foster parent, can I work outside the home?
Yes. However, if the foster child requires day care, the foster parent is responsible for that expense.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes, a foster parent receives a monthly stipend to help with the expenses of the foster child, and medical and dental coverage is provided.

Do you have to own a home?
No, you can be a renter

Do you have to be married?
No, you can be single, coupled or married

Can you have other children and how many foster children can you have?
Yes, however, you may only have two children in one bedroom and they must be the same sex, if over the age of five. A baby (age 0-2) may be in the same bedroom with parent(s)

Can I choose the age of the foster child?
Yes. However, be aware that there are many children needing out of home care and that through experience and training, you may find that you are most effective in caring for specific age or a range of ages.

How long will foster children remain in my home?
That depends on the family case plan. The goal is to seek a permanent placement for the child as quickly as possible, be it reunification with the birth parents, kinship care, or adoption.

How do I find out more information on becoming a foster parent?
Call Better Life at (916) 641-0661


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