Types of Adoptions


Adoption from Foster Care

Adoption from Foster Care is the placement of foster children with families who are willing to adopt when children cannot be safely reunited with their birth families. Most children who enter foster care reunify with their birth family, however if a child’s birth family is unable to care for a child, the child then needs a permanent, loving, adoptive family. Families who adopt through foster care are eligible to receive monthly adoption assistance payments and Medi-Cal benefits until the child turns 18 and post adoption services.

Conversion Adoption

Conversion Adoption is a service we provide for relatives and foster families who already have children living in their home. These families are interested in providing permanency through adoption; however, they have not completed the required home study. County social workers refer families to this program. If you are interested in having Better Life Children Services complete your home study, contact your county social worker.

Independent Adoption

Independent Adoption is an attorney-assisted adoption for singles and couples. Better Life is licensed to provide a domestic home study report if requested by families. If you need such a study, please call 916-641-0661 or you can email us.